The Tree

A most unusual feature of the cricket ground at North Cave is the ash tree that stands in the outfield within the boundary.  Very few grounds have such trees – Canterbury (Kent county ground) being the most famous.

At its nearest point, the tree is only around 25 yards from the batsman who can score four runs if he manages to hit the tree with the ball. See more on the rules below.

Fielders need to be very careful when running for the ball – the tree bites!

Tree Rules

A ball hit directly from the bat (or deflected there by a fielder) that hits the tree scores four runs.  This includes any part of the tree from the trunk to a single leaf at the very top.  The ball is then dead and even if it is subsequently caught by a fielder or continues over the boundary for “6” - only four is scored and the batsman is not out.

If, however, a fielder gathers the ball and throws it into the tree the ball remains in play (unless it then crosses the normal boundary) and the batsmen may continue to run.