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2013 Pictures

Trip to Liverpool (Maghull) - preparations for game in full swing

The team is ready

"The digs" - or close to it.

More digs - Morag and Gavin's lurve nest


Oops again - Sorry Ollie


2012 Pictures

Team vs Ben Johnson in cup - Queen Margaret's, Escrick

There's bees in them trees

Team for final league match vs Bishopthorpe

The chase is on

We got there

Well done


Champions 2012

2011 Pictures

It's a scorer's paradise

"Or is it?


Ready to go


Where might this go?

What do you think of it so far?

A model of grace and poise (the tree that is)


"I love you" - "I love you too"

2010 Pictures

Look out JT!

"Overs and Unders"

It's a goal!



It's over there




What the....?

2009 Pictures

2008 Pictures

2007 Pictures

John Backhouse

Scothern Cup Final

Scothern Cup Final


Solid forward defensive

Scothern Cup Final (with Barmy Army)

It rained in June

And it rained some more



New hat for Graham


Jonathan Tomlinson, Andrew Ferguson, James Ferguson, Tom Baxter, Chris Carr, John Buttle, Tom Dukes
Graham Mathers, John Searle, Richard Tomlinson (C), Craig Hewson

John Backhouse, Neil Jackson, John Buttle, Chris Carr, Jonathan Tomlinson, Craig Hewson, Richard Tomlinson (C)
Charlie Cockin, Rob Pace, James Ferguson, Tom Baxter, Chris Short


Newer Photos

21st August 2004 - Beverley
J Buttle, K Youngman, R Tomlinson, S Norris, R Bannister
J Searle, A Thames, T Baxter, G Mathers, T Dukes, J Tomlinson

2005 Tuesday Team
J Buttle, K Youngman, C Hewson, T Baxter, J Ferguson, A Page
J Tomlinson, J Searle, M Stellings, T Dukes, C Carr

2005 Saturday Team
R Pace, N Jackson, J Buttle, J Ferguson, T Baxter, C Hewson
J Tomlinson, G Mathers, R Tomlinson, J Backhouse, J Searle

70's, 80's and 90's
  • 1987 G Page Cup Final
  • 1989
  • 1990

1987 G Page Cup Final - Leven
G Jackson, R Tomlinson, J Backhouse, B Leighton, D Lockham
K Evison, B Laverack, G Beardow, C Hewson, G Mathers, P Drewery

G Mathers, R Bannister, K Robinson, M Franks, I Waudby, D Lindley
K Walker, B Laverack, J Hewson, J Beardow, F Harrison

N Jackson, J Simpson, R Bannister, K Simpson, S Berryman, S Jackson, R Tomlinson
R Pace, J Backhouse, I Tomlinson, G Mathers, A young Karl

1995 Overs and Unders
P Fowler, R Tomlinson, R Bannister, N Jackson, J Buttle, I Shaw, S Tomlinson, C Sutherland, C Hewson, R Haines, A Stainton
G Mathers (injured), M Moore, M Lockham, K White, T Wheater, N Ling, S Atkinson, A Sutherland, D Lockham
B Leighton, K Youngman, W Kendall, I Lockham

1998 Overs and Unders
M Shaw, N Ling, J Buttle, J Searle, K Youngman, C Hewson, J Simpson, R Tomlinson, I Shaw, D Miller, I Lockham, J Myers, K Simpson
S Atkinson, M Moore, G Mathers, J Backhouse, J Ricketts, W Kendall, A Simpson, C Miller

J Backhouse, B Leighton, C Norrie, M Franks, D Nicholson, J Hewson
D Lockham, I Tomlinson, G Mathers, K Simpson, J Simpson

I Tomlinson, B Laverack, C Norrie, J Simpson, C Robson, M Alden
K Walker (Bok), P Drewery, G Mathers, J Bennett, B Leighton

S Cracknell, G Beardow, R Dove, P Drewery, M Blacker, S Jackson
J Bennett, B Creaser, G Mathers, B Laverack, T Laverack

K Walker (Bok), B Leighton, J Simpson, J Hewson, D Lockham
G Beardow, I Tomlinson, G Mathers, B Laverack, P Breasley, J Backhouse

Anthony Bennett, B Potter, M Blacker, (unknown), M Olive, S Jackson, T Laverack
L Fenwick, B Laverack, J Bennett, G Mathers

Roy Dove is presented with the 1976 Bowling Cup by Martin Bellamy.

Dutch Elm Disease takes its toll.

Glen Jackson, Kev Dean, John Backhouse, Craig Hewson, Richard Tomlinson, Rob Pace, Dave Lockham
Graham Mathers, Ian Tomlinson, Brian Leighton, Dave Smith

Brian Leighton batting.

1982 at South Cave. Andrew Bennett Out - Craig Norrie In.

1982 South Cave. Relaxing at the "Pavilion" - Anita B scoring

1982 South Cave. Graham Mathers

1982 South Cave. Craig Norrie

1982 South Cave. Craig Norrie again

Older Pictures





1924 at Hotham Hall
A Richardson, G Hewson, P Tindall, H Tindall, S Burfield, J Blacker, T Barker, D Newmarch, R Blacker, R Lanson, W Howdale
W Burton, T Denton, J Gray, Col JB Stracey-Clitherow (president), C Brookes (captain), Dr RDC Cameron (vice president), A Hall
S Stone, A Hotchin

D Newmarch, A J Luke, W Howdale
E E Skipsey, J Johnson, K Rix, J Blacker, P Tindall, G Hewson, R Blacker
S Burfield, H Wright, T Denton, PC Charlie Brookes, E C Wright, J Gray


F Wilkinson, (unknown)
C Moat, E Lawson, (unknown), W Lawson, (unknown), (unknown), K Graville
B Cracknell, B Stather, S Wetherell

R Carmichael, J Wilson, M Mews, T Cooper, B Ridsdale
S Wetherell, J Waudby, W Lawson, B Stather
A Shingles, Mrs Jean Wetherell, G Wilson, F Skipsey

A Hawkins, B Ridsdale, K Graville, E Lawson, F Wilkinson, Wanup?, B Cracknell
B Stather, M Mews, W Lawson, R Beardow, S Wetherell

T Cooper, W Lawson, M Mews, Mrs Jean Wetherell, J Waudby, B Ridsdale, B Stather
S Wetherell, (unknown), G Wilson, R Carmichael
A Shingles